Introductions to my new teacher..

[When in doubt, say it with a pen]
Today, Master nearly 4 and I sat down to do a drawing.  This happens nearly daily, as our way of working out what is on his mind, helping him to express his strong emotions and having some together time.  Tomorrow, Master nearly 4 meets his new kindy teacher.  He is very excited.  So I asked him, ‘what will you tell her about yourself??’.  He couldn’t come up with a single thing…!
So we did a drawing.  Nothing fancy – I don’t have time for that.  Just a quick cartoon with the first square setting the scene – ‘here you are meeting Tanya’.  And then I gave him FIVE boxes to put something in each, about what he would like her to know about himself.
So I ended up having to give him a list of ideas – name, age, family, interests etc.  After that, he found it easy to list off his top 5 (and I’m jumping up and down that Octonauts didn’t make the list!).
After he talked and I drew, we gave each a title, such as ‘you/your family’, ‘interest’, ‘home’…
I’m sure he could have come up with some of these things by himself in his own good time, however this has helped him to learn a bit more about WHO he is and we had a nice time together too!
🙂 Heidi

You've got 5 boxes to fill...

You’ve got 5 boxes to fill…

Saying it with a pen – starting school

So who’s little ones have/are starting school this year? Hopefully it is all smooth sailing! But don’t forget if your child is hesitant to change or slow to warm up in new situations, you might need to spend a bit more time helping them with this. Unless you ask, a child may not know how to ‘announce’ what is worrying them or simply what they are confused by. Are you up for asking the question, ‘…Was there anything worrying/scary/confusing about your day at school?’. I always find it easiest to get out the notebook and pen & draw a ‘cartoon strip’ of what happened in the situation. You might ask ‘so where did you first get nervous? Ok so let’s draw you at your desk & mummy is walking out the door…what happened next?, what did you think then?….how did you feel after he said that?, who was there then?’. The main point is to talk about what your child was feeling/saying/doing and how they could make it better next time. Maybe they just need to release their emotions in a safe place, with you. Here is a link to my initial post When in doubt, say it with a pen.