Literacy starts here..

[Birth+] A few benefits of baby books:
– clear pictures to keep your little one watching
– makes you talk in simpler language, which helps your child to understand and learn new words
– for 12mths + kids, extend the vocab (eg watermelon-seeds-red, juice-drink-cup, sheep-wool-tail)
– introduces early literacy skills such as left to right, turning pages, listening to words, pointing to pictures
– pages are easy to turn – keep your baby’s attention by bending the book back slightly so the next page pops open, say ‘turn the page’ and show their hand the action of turning
– older kids can even practice ‘reading’ the words to younger siblings

let's start from the very beginning

let’s start from the very beginning

Can you stomach Spot?

[9mths +] Ahhhh Spot, you can drive me to drink, BUT you do provide some valuable moments to teach language! If you have any Spot books on your shelf, here are some good reasons to use them:
– they have flaps-this will get a young or anti-books child interested a bit more
– the pictures include many everyday objects for you to point and name (it’s not always easy to find books that have this, short of the single picture baby books)
– it is based around everyday activities your little one is bound to know or will soon experience
– it is easy to re tell the story in words your little one understands and avoid the bigger words in the story (eg ‘spoil’, ‘overboard’)
– you can always use the story to extend your child’s vocab when they are ready
– seeing the same characters in the next book will entice your little one a bit more

Note: to begin with, I first defined the word ‘dog’ by only using this word in place of the dog names, then started saying ‘dog, Spot’, ‘daddy dog’, to introduce the names.
And by the time your child is 2.5/3 yrs, there are MUCH better books to be pulling off the shelf!

Spot, Spot, Spot

Spot, Spot, Spot