Learning foods

Does your child eat the family meal?  Or could they do with a ‘learning food’ on their plate?  This could be anything from your plate or another food from the fridge or pantry. Eg a line of sauce, a dollop of a spread or a new nut/seed trail.

Think outside the box and bring enthusiasm to the table!

Turning ‘yuck’ to ‘thanks’

Success! Many of you would know I don’t stand for ‘yuck’ at the dinner table. It’s taken awhile of reminding ‘I’m not sure of that food’ and lots of exposure to foods with no pressure to eat. Finally Master 3.5 has started sitting at the table and surprising us with ‘what a great dinner Mummy’ and ‘thanks for cooking this Daddy’. It is worth being consistent on this!

Speaking of which, one of my most clicked on blog posts of 2013 was ‘No child is naughty at the dinner table‘. It is full of reminders on why you should take it easy on kids at the dinner table (but we still ensure sitting to eat, age appropriate table manners and of course, no YUCK).

And right on cue, Master nearly 2 sits at the table tonight and mutters what I am sad to say was an approximation of ‘yucky’.  Here we go, round 2…….!

(but for this age, I played the ignore game)

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How does your child sit at the table?

feet on the foot rest!

feet on the foot rest!

Something I have learnt from my good OT (occupational therapist) & physio friends, is to ‘ideally’ have your child’s feet supported when sitting on a chair (including high chairs).

You can be sure without a foot rest, your child will fidget more and have less attention for their meal. I know I never like sitting on a wall or bar stool for long with no foot rest..

The trick is to find a foot rest at the right level to ensure their feet sit flat and their knees and hips are also at right angles. Any other thoughts/foot rest ideas most welcome!  Yes, OTs and physios too. 

Ps ours is a storage container, that doubles as a block container 🙂

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