Our creation table

Cool parents = relaxed kids when it comes to art, craft & all the ‘messy’ play.  So I commissioned my husband into making our own outdoors creation table.  Free to be loved and used JUST for creating, having fun, sensory exploration and learning!
We take it to all corners of our yard for different inspiration from a different setting.  We don’t clean it so we don’t worry about mess.  And we chose to use blackboard paint so we can love our table with chalk too..
But yes I’ve still had some crazy sessions with little painted hands making it to the house.  I guess that’s what you get for painting with a 1 & 3yo.  More on that later!
For now, let me know if you have a wonderful creation table!  OR if your husband has the skills to whip up a basic table…  Weekend project??

How to keep the lids on the felt pens!

Who gets sick of ‘felt pens’ always losing their lids??    ME!!!

This is how the childcare centres keep their ‘felt pens’ together. It also helps the children to put the ‘pens’ away!! Oh and Miss 2 loves to match the colours!!

So this is what you need:

‘Plaster of Paris’, a mixing bowl, large (thick) felt pens, a wooden spoon and some water.

You will need to choose a container to put the  felt pen lids into. I suggest something that is deep enough for the lids to be submerged into (not all the way, see pic).


The directions asked for 2 parts plaster and 1 part water but I found this was ‘way’ to runny.

This is my trick for making plaster…I added just enough water to the plaster for it to be the consistency of a runny paste or thickened cream. It sets alot quicker and you can put the pen lids into it straight away and it should hold them. Bang the containers gently to get the air bubbles out of the plaster.

IMG_2636 IMG_2638

Use any left over plaster in moulds and you can save them (these are great to pull out when we have friends come over and the children need a few minutes of quiet time).

IMG_2639 IMG_2640

IMG_2641Here is what the pen lids look like.

pen lids


Happy drawing!!! Ahhhhh and NO MORE MISSING PEN LIDS!