What your doctor DOESN’T tell you about eczema

Eczema is one of the body’s last cries for help.  It is desperately trying to expel toxins from the body, that it has not been able to do so through other means.  It is related to chronic inflammation of the gut and liver and has much less to do with dry weather and ‘thin skin’ than most fact sheets let on.

So what could be causing it?  A food that the body does not digest well will certainly have the body in turmoil.  A food sensitivity will tend to produce inflammation inside the body and may present as either an allergic reaction or simply nothing external, at first glance. The body may try to cope with this inflammation via eczema, particularly if the liver is functioning poorly.

Chemicals are another cause of eczema.  This may be from external contact such as soaps, chlorine and detergents and also sunscreen.  It may also be from chemicals that the digestive system is exposed to, such as non-organic foods, food additives and even overuse of medications such as steroid creams and antibiotics.  Yes, the very products doctors are prescribing to ‘bandaid’ the effects of eczema!

Besides food and chemicals, stress can be another cause.  Elevated cortisol in the body can literally produce holes in the intestinal lining, allowing undigested food, yeast and other toxins through, again producing inflammation in the body.

What can I do about eczema?  If you aim to get to the root of the problem, try not to turn immediately to steroid creams and ‘dry skin’ products like QV bath oil or Alpha Keri Wash.  These ‘dry skin’ products are still made by pharmaceutical companies, with less-than-natural ingredients such as paraffin, petroleum jelly and parabens (known carcinogens), sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS – a dangerous chemical), triclosan (a pesticide) and a host of other chemicals.

The more detoxifying your child’s body has to do, the more their liver is overloaded and the more likely their body will be forced to excrete these wastes through the skin, as eczema.

To be proactive, you will need to consider either first removing potential culprit foods, at least for an elimination test or turning to natural products, to reduce the body’s toxic load from chemicals.  In the meantime, consuming Omega 3 and 6 oils, in the form of say fish/krill oil, flaxseed/linseed oil, avocado, cold-pressed olive oil and organic nuts such as walnuts are extremely important for those suffering from eczema.  Probiotics, to support gut health, have also shown great improvement.

What are the best natural skin products?  Coconut oil is the best product you can use!  It can be used as a soap, a moisturiser, an antifungal/viral/microbial first aid cream and a bath oil.  It is even an ideal toothpaste (Natural toothpaste recipe) as it kills off the germs and remineralises teeth at the same time.

image : coconutoilbenefits.com.au

image : coconutoilbenefits.com.au

Natural sunscreens do exist.  You just need to visit your local health food store to find them.  Interestingly, studies have shown how sunlight can improve eczema.

How do I determine the culprit food?  This is a tricky one as eczema may not show up immediately after consuming an inflaming food.  Go with your gut.  What foods do you think are the worst offenders for your child?  Start by doing a 3 week elimination test of this food group and then watching closely as you introduce it back in.  Once the body has had a break from this irritating food, it will gain strength and give a much clearer signal of distress when you add it back in.

For those wanting less guesswork, you can seek out an IgG blood test to determine foods your child may be intolerant to, an IgE skin prick test to look at allergies, or using kinesiology to test how the body copes with the main allergens, with simple, pain-free muscle testing.

Is it easier to just ‘bandaid’ the cause?  Initially, it definitely seems easier to ignore eczema by using creams and dry skin products.  It is easy to blame the weather or put it down to ‘no known cause’.  However, eczema visible to our eyes means chronic inflammation on the inside of the body.  Research is showing chronic inflammation is the start of all diseases and even cancer, later in life.  It is linked to auto-immune disorders such as asthma, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, neurological diseases, arthritis and also linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Eczema will come back to bite harder later in life.  A few simple steps such as adding in Omega 3 oils, probiotics and replacing coconut oil with many chemicals, will significantly reduce your child’s chances of living with eczema.  Looking into removing culprit foods will improve their chances even more.  And chances are, you’ll improve your whole family’s health at the same time.

🙂 Heidi

Natural Toothpaste

Does your little one swallow toothpaste?  I’ve always questioned why it says ‘do not swallow’ on the tube, yet we brush our children’s teeth with it, knowing that it takes ‘years’ for them to learn to spit it out.And what for that matter is in toothpaste that is not worthy of swallowing?  And aren’t we absorbing it through thin mucous membranes in our mouth anyway?

Well when I came across an article about triclosan, linking it to pesticides, I had to double check that yes, toothpaste’s active ingredient is in fact triclosan.

And also knowing the negative health effects of fluoride, I started to question just what was the important ingredient in toothpaste?  Was there any ingredient we truly needed to use?

Add in colour and artificial sweetener and Colgate no longer has the same ring to it’s name.

That’s when I turned the boys to natural toothpaste.  Toothpaste really just needs an abrasive and an ingredient to ideally alkalise the mouth and kill off bacteria and thus plaque.

But then I heard about the antibacterial, antiviral, anti microbial properties of coconut oil AND the fact it remineralises teeth…

I found this recipe to make your own toothpaste.

Soften 1/2 cup coconut oil with gentle heat, add 2-3 tbs bicarb soda, xylitol to taste and 15-20 drops peppermint essential oil and mix well. Place in a glass jar and allow to cool.
IMG_9556[1]You will have to try it for yourself to believe me.  I have the smoothest, most polished teeth; the kind you get after the dentist and I have a super-clean tongue.  And just by using my toothpaste in front of the boys, they decided they wanted to use it too.  Whilst we could’ve tracked down food grade peppermint essential oil or added xylitol, we went for the ‘salty coconut’ and have just mixed bicarb with coconut oil.  They did it and now ask for this toothpaste each night.

Colgate is a thing of the past and I feel confident our teeth AND our bodies are healthier for having avoided colour, artificial sweetener, fluoride and triclosan.
You just have to see past marketing and ‘the done thing’.

** This is not a paid presentation for what are natural ingredients  🙂

Chocolate made with love…not marketing

So if you get the urge to throw the Easter eggs away, the next step is to head straight to a health food store to pick up any ingredients you might be missing…for this wonderful home made chocolate.   This chocolate is so quick and easy. The only thing to remember is you need to eat it straight out of the fridge as it will soon start to melt. You can use a recipe with cocoa butter which will help to keep it from melting, but it is a bit more involved.  Try Google if you’re up for it.

1 cup Cold pressed Coconut Oil
1 cup Cacao powder
1tsp Vanilla essence
Raw honey to taste (start with a 1/4 cup and see how you go). Don’t use the honey from supermarkets as it is processed and has sugar added.

Your imagination for flavours : nuts, seeds, cinnamon, coconut, chia, orange zest, cacao nibs etc!

Mix coconut oil, cacao and vanilla. Then slowly add honey and test for your level of sweetness.

Place nuts, seeds etc on baking paper on a baking tray.

Pour chocolate over the top.

Place in fridge to harden. Break into pieces.

The kids can’t believe we have ‘made’ chocolate. I have to keep myself on rations…  And it is amazing to eat chocolate made with love, instead of decorated with marketing 🙂 Heidi


Zucchini + peeler + fry = zoodles!!

What better way to get extra nutrients into your little one, avoiding grains and making a tasty dinner too?

I peel a mountain of zucchini, which doesn’t take as long as you’d think, then fry it until it goes nice and soft. We use coconut or macadamia oil on medium heat to fry as these oils can withstand heat without becoming carcinogenic.  Yummy things to go in this dish can be garlic, onion, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, basil and then top it off with some fresh avocado and roasted/crushed nuts and seeds (hazelnuts and sunflower seeds were the latest).

To entice the kids in, I didn’t use the word ‘zucchini’ but played up ‘zoodles’ from the beginning.  And get them started by giving them a piece that doesn’t have any green skin on it, so they get hooked by the flavour!

Let me know what you put with your zoodles?

🙂 Heidi

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