About Heidi


I am Heidi, a paediatric Speech Pathologist, with over eight years experience working with children under six.  This includes communication and cognitive development, play, behaviour management, pre-literacy and everything mealtime.

I am also a mother of two beautiful and active boys, Hayden (3 years) and Declan (1 year) and have a wonderful, supportive husband!  I am keen to raise my children to be as healthy, happy, bright and culturally aware as possible.   I am also passionate about inspiring other parents to make the most of the early years with their kids and to not just rely on extra-curricular activities, daycare or school.

Both of my boys have suffered from eczema and food intolerances, so I have had to become an ‘expert’ on these issues through real life experience!

I have studied many topics on early child development, read books and attended courses and workshops.  My aim is to share as much information to other parents as possible by way of facts, suggestions, milestones, websites and reviews.  It might be simple (oh I kind of knew that) tips to the detailed (wow learning to communicate is involved) suggestions.

I hope you use my ideas that relate to you, but not feel pressured to do it all!

You can also find I Raise My Kids on Google+ or at FacebookIMG_6872[1]

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