Marketing 101 for kids

Since I have learnt how much the big supermarkets and marketing shape what we buy and what we think is healthy, our family has shopped less and less at these places.
Lately, when I’ve announced we’d be going to Woolies, Master4 has yelled ‘I love Woolies, I can get more (promotional) cards!!!!!’ or ‘we can just spend more money!’ (when I warn we might not spend $20 to get a card).
So recently I have responded with this… Me : ‘Did you know Woolies is tricking you?….’ Mr4 : no? (thinking) Me : they give all the kids fun cards so they want to come back more & then their parents will have to spend more money here!!……… Mr4 : …….. (the penny drops a little more each time we chat about us getting tricked!) Hopefully Master4 will grow up to be wary of marketing and think for himself   🙂 Heidi

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