Toy or treat?

With Halloween coming up, a few questions come to my mind.  Are we here in Australia, just taking on an American tradition that has nothing to do with us?  Am I relenting to marketing by those companies that convince us to buy the lollies and paraphernalia?  Am I promoting unhealthy eating for other children, when I wouldn’t be happy with my children tucking into a bucket of lollies?  Or is this just a fun occasion that happens once a year when children can dress up and do something different?

I don’t think Halloween will be going away any time soon, so I guess we are embracing the ‘fun side’!  However, I just don’t feel right buying lollies (we gave out over a packet of lollies last year we saw so many kids at the door) when I wouldn’t condone it for my kids and goes against my ‘teaching kids good eating habits’ principles.  So!  We’ve decided to break a bit of the tradition and find something else to give out.  I love that a dentist friend gave out toothbrushes one year.  But I’m not affording handouts that pricey!

So we came up with these!  We have found out Master 3 is intolerant to latex but we hadn’t gotten around to giving away his water balloons.  So Master 3 will help us to give them out to the kids (maybe with some spooky gloves on!?).  I took the opportunity to talk to him also about why we aren’t going to give them lollies.


What does everyone else give out?

Happy Halloween!!

I raise my kids is also on facebook 🙂

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Hello friend! I am a paediatric speech pathologist and health coach. My vision is to create a world where parents can understand the real link between diet and their child's health and behaviour, and know how to create true health for their family. My two young, wonderful and sensitive sons both have food intolerances and have also taught me about my own, that I have never known about until now! Topics I have looked into for my own family's health and also from my role as a speech pathologist with children with picky eating are food intolerances, fussy eaters, creating healthy eaters and eating to prevent and ‘cure’ childhood issues such as ADHD, autism, eczema/skin issues, trouble sleeping, low immunity, frequent snot/ear infections and bedwetting, to name a few. I write many posts coming from being an exhausted mum trying to keep up with fussy boys who can only eat certain foods and also as a professional who has worked with other children with similar issues. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with my husband and two boys and was previously an exchange student in Brazil! I hope to inspire you to help your child achieve their potential through health and well-being. Thanks for stopping by :) Heidi

2 thoughts on “Toy or treat?

  1. I feel weird about this too, it’s slightly annoying why Australian would all of a sudden start celebrating Halloween… I see it in Sweden too, more and more kids come knocking and more and more shops have Halloween themes, considering it has nothing to do with anything, it’s a bit strange…

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