Have box, will play

[6 mths +] National Children’s Week : One experience a child will always say ‘yes’ to, is playing with a cardboard box! Leave them around and see what your child will do with it. Not much more to it than that (of course you can get fancy and decorate)!
From ~11 mths – your baby might be interested in putting objects into the box
– play in the box – think ‘row row row your boat’, ‘rub a dub dub’
From 18 mths – your little one might be interested in pretend play – a pretend bath in the box or pretending a doll/toy is having a bath in there or it could become a bed
– a big box could become a house with a door to play knock, knock or lock the door with a pretend key

From 2 mths – let your child’s imagination go wild by just leaving them to it. Different sized and shaped boxes are great and don’t forget leaving them in different places (eg. on the trampoline versus in a cubby versus on a rug).

And of course when they are finished with them, they can help to take them out to the ‘recycling bin’ (a term you can talk about).

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