So Master 19 months is starting some primitive ‘stories’.  His first was ‘mower…daddy…hat…shoes…bin!’.  Which would have translated to ‘Daddy uses his mower, he wears his hat and shoes and he takes the catcher to the bin’.  Master 19 months told this story many times, many many many times!  It meant a lot to him.

Today, out of the blue, he finally started a new story.  ‘Man…door’.  After the tenth time of this story, it would’ve been easy to brush him off and say ‘yes, man door’ to quieten him but instead, we went with it.  We gave him more details in his story so that at least it became longer than two words!  ‘Man…..door….yellow… Underwater World….swimming ….eat…..hello’.  The real translation – ‘We saw a man swimming in the tank at Underwater world, who was giving the fish food to eat, he waved ‘hello’, then he opened a yellow door, swam out and closed the door’.  The fact that we don’t normally see people in the tank, nor in scuba gear and that we didn’t see what happened to this man afterwards had Master 19 months completely intrigued.  So each time he said ‘man…door’, I added another detail, ‘yes a yellow door’, ‘the man waved ‘hello”, ‘he opened the door’, ‘the man closed the door’, ‘he said ‘no don’t come out’ to the fish’, ‘the man was swimming’, ‘he gave the fish some food to eat’.

A child will repeat a story over and over until they have processed it properly in their head.  By going with them and confirming they have the correct facts (or adding to it), helps them to ‘put the story to bed’ so to say!  This might be true for an intriguing event like Master 19 months’ or an alarming event, such as witnessing an accident or a new experience, such as a concert.

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