We take care of our things!

[2 years +]
One of our family ‘values’ (‘value’ implies we are doing it because we want to, rather than ‘rule’ implying because we HAVE to) is ‘we take care of our things’. Phrasing it in a positive sense tells a child what they SHOULD do, not what they shouldn’t do. And makes it nicer for everyone to hear when you have to ‘harp on’!

Whilst you may still need to then explain more specifically what your child SHOULD do in each scenario – ‘tuck feet into bed (not kick walls)’, ‘draw with crayons (not throw)’, ‘keep hat on (instead of throwing over fence at daycare)’ – ‘we take care of our things’ helps your child to understand the family value….. that you are teaching them to value 🙂

** I raise my kids features more smaller tid-bits on facebook **

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