Making the most of Woolies’ marketing…

I guess there wouldn’t be many kids in Australia right now who aren’t collecting the Aussie Animal cards from Woolworths.  For Master ‘all things animals’ 3, it is getting slightly obsessive.. I mean finding any excuse for us to need a trip to Woolies, everyday.  It doesn’t help that we don’t really need to even spend $20 as all the lovely ladies (and one sweet guy) have been handing over bundles every time.  Throw in a public holiday in between, and we had one DEVASTATED boy who could not get past Woolies not being open for us to go and get some more cards.

antarctic krill, bogong moth, bandy bandy snake, we know them all!

antarctic krill, bogong moth, bandy bandy snake, we know them all!

So now we have nearly collected all the cards, we are looking for ways to use the leftovers..

We have done the science thing and looked at what an invertebrate/vertebrate is and talked about the different classes of animals.  We have done the maths and practiced calling out the numbers to past 100.  We’ve talked about what a ‘habitat’ is.  We have attempted some of the activities in the folder, but what next?

So the next challenge is collecting ‘pairs’ of cards to make a set of cards for Memory.  This has been good for teaching what a ‘pair’ is and getting Master 3 to use his verbal skills to explain to Daddy the rules of the game.  For his age, I throw him a free pair when I start collecting too many, but he won’t be far off accepting that someone else might find an extra pair and beat him.  We have also been counting the cards of each player at the end and getting Master 3 to announce which number is higher and thus the winner (pretty much always him!!).

now remember them...

now remember them…

What else can you do with these cards?  Please share your ideas 🙂

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