Duo Puzzle – toy review

[3-6 years]   A wooden toy that is educational and has different levels to grow with your child’s ability?  This is the Duo Puzzle by Smart Games.

two levels...done!

two levels…done!

It includes a wooden frame with 13 wooden shapes and 48 different pictures to recreate.  At first your child just needs to be able to copy the two-step pictures on the card and manipulate the shapes into the wooden frame.  This requires determination, concentration and early visuo-spatial skills.  As the cards go on, the designs becoming increasingly more difficult until eventually your child has to create a two-level puzzle from one picture and use their perception, problem-solving and visuo-spatial skills.

turn the card over...check if you're right!

turn the card over…check if you’re right!

On the easier levels, your child can check the answer on the back OR once they are ready, they can start the puzzle on this side (see above).  No step-by-step clues now…!

An example of the different levels..


One puzzle in action…

level one finished

level one finished

The ONLY down side to this game is that it doesn’t come in a good box.  

Smart Games is a great brand with more cognitive-style toys.  It is available on toy websites, eBay, and specialty toy shops.  

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