Are We There Yet? A journey around Australia – book review



[3 years +] ‘Are we there yet? A journey around Australia’ by Alison Lester.

You can be confident this is a great book when you see the author is Alison Lester (other books include, Noni the Pony, Magic Beach and Imagine) and it also won the Children’s Book Council of Australia ‘Picture book of the year’ award.

If you are thinking of doing a camping trip anywhere around Australia, this book is a great way to show your children what it might be like and get them excited.  We had no plans and are quite inspired by this book to do a ‘journey around Australia’ one day!

For little ones, you might show them what a ‘bookmark’ is and read it over a few nights.  It is easy to stop after each set of pages before the family moves onto a new place in Australia.  For the older kids, you can really look at all the amazing things there are to see around Australia and what it is like going on an extended camping trip.

Here are a few sample pages to show you the style of the book:

there's a map of Australia!

there’s a map of Australia!

fireworks in Sydney

fireworks in Sydney

look at the colours of Uluru...

look at the colours of Uluru…

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