Gluten free/grain free Bircher style muesli – Tania Hubbard

[2 years of age on]  I came across this recipe when I was in search of a gluten free breakfast for my family.  Tania Hubbard, the creator, lives here on the Sunshine Coast and has a website which will introduce you to her cookbook and cake and bread mixes you can buy.

Gluten-free/grain-free is becoming popular these days.  Mostly because once you cut the grains out of your life, you are forced to invite in more nutrient-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts and in larger quantities.  And in turn, they provide you with greater health.  I am seeing more and more people ‘feel better’ by ditching the gluten and so I feel that anyone can enjoy gluten-free meals, as long as they are tasty!

And if I’m going to choose healthy foods for myself, I am of course going to start by introducing these foods to my children also, as early as I can.  Did you know the majority of a child’s food preferences is determined by the time they are aged four?  So the foods that you introduce them to early on, will have a great impact on the foods they choose to eat as a more ‘health-conscious’ adult.  Whilst this recipe includes nuts and seeds, as long as you soak them and then process them, they will be more than safe enough for your child to eat from 2 years on as the mixture becomes soft and moist with a little ‘crunch’ depending how much you blend it.  You could try it with your child if they have most of their expected teeth from 18 months and see how they go.  If your child has shown any food sensitivities prior to this, you might go cautiously with the nuts.  Using organic produce will definitely help too.

our version of Tania's gluten-free/grain-free Bircher muesli

our version of Tania’s gluten-free/grain-free Bircher muesli

Tania has allowed me to share her recipe for this yummy breakfast.   As Tania says, you do just have to get in the routine of organising the night before.  You might start by just having this as a weekend brekky until you get into the swing of it.  And make sure the kids get hooked in with some yummy toppings!  We have tried blueberries and yoghurt (before we knew we were dairy intolerant..!) but look for organic blueberries as they are one of the biggest absorbers of nasty pesticides.  And raw honey is the only option for us which comes without the added sugar and processing of the store-bought ones.

Here it is:

From Tania……..

I just love this breakfast.  I had to get into the habit of remembering to soak the nuts and seeds overnight but once I started it became second nature.  To get the best from nuts and seeds you will need to start this the night before.  It only takes a couple of minutes to put everything into a bowl and fill with water.  This is my single serve for each day.


6 almonds

6 pecans

1 teaspoon of pumpkin seeds

1 teaspoon of sunflower seeds

1 small medium apple/pear

1 teaspoon cinnamon

A little squeeze of honey

As much yoghurt or cream (or both) as you like


Night before

Soak almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds in a cup and a half of water overnight

Make sure the water is well above the line of the nuts and seeds – they are thirsty and will soak up water over night

In the morning

Drain off the soaked nuts and seeds and rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear

Place them into your food processor and pulse (start/stop) a few times until the mix starts to break down

Add sliced apple/pear and cinnamon – pulse a few more times until apple/pear is broken up into smaller pieces

Tip the mix into your breakfast bowl, add a good blob of yoghurt, a swish of honey and breakfast is done

Other Possibilities

Rinse almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and drain, put in bowl

Grate apple over the top, add cinnamon, a swish of honey and eat without putting through the blender

All the nuts and seeds will be very soft and moist from soaking overnight

Enjoy on its own or top it off with plain yoghurt, fresh cream or both!

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