Gearing up for National Tree Day!

our tree

our tree

A few years ago, we planted a tree for shade and it has really become a part of our family!

To inspire you to celebrate National Tree Day this Sunday, the 28th July, I thought I’d write down a few of the benefits of having and caring for our tree:

  • Shade – which has been great for the kids to play under, and also to teach about ‘shade’ itself!
  • Something to talk about! Whether it’s about what colour the leaves are to what birds are sitting in it, to whether the branch will make it over the fence
  • Something to care for – it is like an extra pet! Master 3 has enjoyed watering it since he was 2
  • A place to play – with a big, open backyard, it has provided a destination for Master 3 to hang at and play with his imaginary friends!
  • A sensory experience – both boys are always keen to pat the leaves and feel the trunk.  It has been a great way to teach ‘gentle hands’ and also to help ‘calm us down’
  • An opportunity to talk about the benefits of trees – providing us clean air (‘let’s go outside and breathe the fresh air our tree gives us’)
  • A good chatting spot, while digging in the bark or pulling out the weeds

What will you do for National Tree Day this weekend?  We will probably put more love into our veggie garden and think about the day we’ll have some spare cash to plant some more special trees!

In case you missed Kara’s post, here is the link to National Tree Day – Planet Ark

the veggies need some love

the veggies need some love

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