Heuristic Play!! What????

HEURISTIC  PLAY, What a mouthful! This ‘play’ is about giving children everyday items and allowing them to discover the properties.

How does it feel? Sound? Smell? Taste? Under 2’s are still very much in ‘discovery’ play mode. They are working out how the world works by using their ‘exploring and discovering’ skills. To help them further discover these skills offer a ‘treasure basket’ full of wonder!!!

Did you know that babies tongues are one of their best sense. This sense become less sensitive as our other senses take over but this is why babies put everything in their mouths.

How to make a Heuristic Play Basket:

photo 3Step 1: Find a natural basket! (I am  a little bit addicted to baskets). But it can be a box but remember we can stimulate the sense of touch by adding natural materials. We also dont want to add a brightly coloured box because we want the wonder to be of other senses not just ‘what you see’.

photo 1Step 2: Gather everyday items from around the house or garden. (I have added some foil into an orange bag, great to ‘scrunch’)

photo 4Step 3: Put them into the basket.

Now that you have all seen how hard it is to create a ‘Heuristic Play basket’, you can make them for your friends and use the ‘fancy words’ to impress! 😉

I would love to hear what you have as natural play baskets. I am sure you have all been doing this and didn’t realise you are offering ‘Heuristic Play’ to your little ones.


3 thoughts on “Heuristic Play!! What????

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