Count the stars! Numeracy skills!

Projection of stars on the blanket

“Look at the stars Mummy, there must be 89 of them” (89 is the favourite number at the moment, everything must be 89, even poor Nanny).

“Hmmm I wonder how many there are?”

“I know, lets count them” (Great idea Miss 4)

So off she went, Miss 4 got to 46 without any help and then made it to 100 with a few reminders. I was very pleasantly surprised!! It made me think, how has she learnt to do this? I do alot with my children but I don’t sit down and make them learn; there are no structured  ‘learning sessions’ in my household.

However……What we do is talk naturally about numeracy as part of our life. For example,

1. Miss 4 is my speed limit spotter!!

She is able to read most speed signs and loves to tell me “Mummy now its 60”!!!

2. We talk about what is more, bigger, less, equal.

3. We also use our fingers, toes to get us to numbers higher then 10 and then use them to do simple addition and subtractions.

4. We talk about money and I let them play with coins (under my supervision), what the shapes are, what the value of each coin is and how to add money. Money is great to look at when you have a play shop.

There are a 1001 different ways you could add ‘numeracy’ into your life. Everything we do can in our day to day life relate back to skills that can be used for numeracy literacy.

What do you do to help encourage numeracy skills with your children?

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