Make your own Fairy Wands

Miss 4 had the deepest desire to have a ‘fairy princess’ party. So Miss 4 and I set to work planning the event. We loved looking over the amazing ‘pinterest’ parties, as I am calling them. I am not sure how you all feel but ‘pinterest’ has changed my world!!! After much planning with Miss 4, we had come up with some fun ideas for the party. This was one of them!!!

DIY Fairy Wands for all the ‘Fairy Princesses in the world’


You will need:  some cardboard (I used a box), bamboo sticks (I found these in our Bargain Shop), ribbon and spray paint.

wand Use a star template to draw around, you can find these easily by typing into google ‘star template’. Then comes the fun part, cut them out.

wands6Spray paint the cardboard stars and bamboo sticks.

'wide beehive inside'Make a hole, using your bamboo stick. Using ‘gentle hands’. I pushed the bamboo in about  5cms.

wands9Wrap your ribbon around, then add glue and stick the ribbon wrapped stick and glue into the hole in the star.

wands7You want to get some glue into the hole, so it will all stay nice and strong.

wand3This is what they will look like.

IMG_2905Use a vase or jar to keep them upright while they dry.

fairypotFor the party I had a table with ‘fairy dust and glitter’ and craft glue.

The children and adults loved decorating them and they were able to take them home as party favours.

‘Bippety bopperty boo’!!


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