Inspire their imagination!

IMG_3155It was such a warm, sunny, winters morning; so we took our play outside. I love setting up play environments, it makes the day feel magical. When the girls were busy, I quickly took some ‘props’ outside and set up an environment that would inspire their imaginations.

IMG_3160I love using pot plants in ‘play’. The girls and I planted these and today was a special day because our ‘strawberry’ was ready to be picked. But I didn’t tell them, I wanted them to find it for themselves.

IMG_3154A few baskets, a turned over wooden bowl and a doily soon turned the inside into a lovely tea party.

IMG_3158I added some ‘sparkles, sequins’. Oh and that cheeky cat.

IMG_3156 IMG_3161 It wasn’t long before the interest took place!!IMG_3159The strawberry was discovered and eaten quickly. (I didn’t get a photo, it was gone too quickly)

IMG_3162We had such a lovely morning playing outside. I couldn’t fit in the tent 😦 so I lay down and stuck my head in. Miss 4 remembered the story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and said I was just like Alice, when she had grown to big. She soon set to work to make me a potion to shrink me again.

All it took was a bit of inspiration!!! Love my mummy days when they are like this!!

Does anyone have any other ideas to inspire? Like if you would like to see some more of our days play.


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