Let your children go WILD!!!



Children need times throughout their day where they can express themselves with without boundaries (or as little rules as you can manage)!!!

So maybe give yourself some rules.

1.My child can mix up the paints

2.Their painting doesn’t need to look like anything. Sometimes children just explore the feelings of the brush on the paper or like the look of lines.

3. Prepare for mess. Art tarp, paint outside, wash bucket near by.

4. Understand that it is a process. The first time you offer ‘no boundaries art’ it is going to be MESSY, but the next time it will be less and the time after that less again. Children need to explore first then they will begin to investigate.

They need to be allowed to get messy, experiment, learn from mistakes and work through their ideas without constraints. Art is a great way for children to express themselves emotional, intellectually and physically. The leaders in Early Childhood Education believe that children can communicate complex feelings through art alot quicker than through language.

IMG_0380I set up this art experience, each little container had blue, red, green, and yellow. There were some stampers and paintbrushes. I put down some black plastic and put on an art shirt. The painting you can see only held her interest for 2 mins but her ‘ART’ held her interest for 40 mins.

Was it MESSY?? YES!!!

but I had planned for that and when it comes to children’s art the PROCESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE PRODUCT!!!!

IMG_0377Here is what she did…. She poured all the colours onto a plastic lid. Then she poured all the paints together. I gave her some sticks and showed her how to mix the paints around on the plastic lid.


This is what she learned,


IMG_0385 “Look mummy I made chocolate”. This was Miss 4, when she was 2.

*Miss 4 now has an ‘ART STUDIO’ but I will let you know about that a bit later.


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