How to say good bye?

How do you say good bye to your child when you leave them? I am about to start my 2 year old into daycare, so I am going through all of this right now!!!

Do you feel anxious about how they are going to react? How do you feel about them going to childcare?
All of your feelings can make the separation alot harder.
Tell yourself, the calmer and stronger I can be, the more they will see there is nothing to be afraid of.

Step one is ‘Calm yourself and stay strong’!

Step two is develop a routine of ‘How you say goodbye’, this might be; bag away, lunch box away, greet teacher, chose one activity, then wave at fence or door. Developing this routine gives child the understanding of what is coming next. It also gives you a strict guideline to not get to emotional and to say goodbye. Children are very good at saying “Mummy just another 5 mins, just another 2 mins”, this is just telling your child that you are not strong in your decisions. This is a non negotiable. “Mummy needs to go, so you can enjoy your day at daycare, I will be back after I have done all the boring cleaning”. Make your life sound very boring.

Step three ‘say it with a pen’, draw this and ensure your child understands this is what is going to happen. Make sure your child has an understanding of what is going to happen.

Step four ‘role play’, use toys to put on a puppet show and show your child what it will look like. Talk about feelings, “This puppet is sad because his mummy left, oh but now he is happy because he really wanted to play with blocks and he has made a friend. The puppet eats, rests and then mummy comes back. The puppet tells mummy about his great day”!!!

Step five ‘understand it does get easier’, this is such an important part of your child’s development. Establishing secure attachments in forms of friendships and understanding the teacher to child relationship, this sets your child up for such a great start to school!! So remember this is something we need to go through at sometime in our life with our children, better now then in the Prep classroom.

Good Luck!!


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