Worm Farm for ‘World Environment Day’

IMG_1914This is a ‘Can of Worms’ worm farm. It comes with everything, except the worms!! We had so much fun putting it together and even Miss nearly 4 (who doesn’t like to get messy) didn’t mind getting involved!

IMG_1912 To get the worms home ready, you need to soak the coconut husks till the water is nearly all absorbed. A full set of instructions comes with the farm.

IMG_1915Once it is ready, you recycle the cardboard wrapping and put it into the bottom of the tray. Then shovel the mixture on the top of the cardboard.

IMG_1917 IMG_1919 IMG_1920 IMG_1921Then the fun part, adding 1200 live worms into their new home!!! I was able to get some really big worms and both girls enjoyed holding them, however not long enough for me to take a picture.

Go to http://www.tumbleweed.com.au for some great information on worm farms and other environmental activities you can do with your children.

Also alot of councils are offering free worm farms and composting bins to kindergartens, childcare centres and schools as a way to help educate the children and parents about sustainability. So if your kindy, school or childcare centre doesn’t have one, give the council a call and be part of World Environment Day by starting something new.

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