How does Daddy play?



When Daddy gets home at our house it is usually a very exciting time!! The children run around crazy with Daddy and it ends in lots of cuddles and tumbles. The girls like to climb all over daddy like gymnasts and there is always lots of tickles!!! However, we have rules on our play!


To all the Dads out there, make sure you play in lots of different ways. Lots of Dads love the ‘rough and tumble’ play. This play is lots of fun but it needs to have strong boundaries!!! For example, if you are playing these games make sure your child has a ‘power’ word that STOPS the game when it gets too much. Your child should never feel like they are powerless!!! This also goes for tickling, if your child says STOP, you need to stop immediately. I will explain in another post why it is so very important to give your children POWER words and show that they will be respected. 

Have a think about what other play you can do. Start a project with your child? Build a lego house or kick a ball. All of these games show your child that you can also ‘be’ there in other ways. 

The picture above is Daddy cooking a cake with the girls!! 

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