The Early Years Count

You hear it all the time.  It almost sounds like a child’s brain is pretty much ‘done’ by the time they are three.  But the early years really do count!

Read all about it in ‘The brain that changes itself’ by Norman Doidge.  In simple terms, it talks about when we are young we have a chemical freely available in our brain that makes it almost impossible NOT to learn.  Children don’t have to try and they will absorb information.  But, there is a point when this wonder chemical isn’t around anymore.  This is when we have to PAY ATTENTION to learn.  Only when we pay attention, does the chemical reappear, which makes learning that bit harder.

And this is why there is a ‘critical period’ for things like learning a second language (and also your first!), developing a variety of tastes and textures in food, to know and regulate our emotions and many other important skills we pick up in childhood.  Not to mention, a perfect chance to get to know and understand our children, become role models for them and develop relationships to last a lifetime.

This is why it’s so important to make the early years count.  Many posts to come will keep coming back to this point!

One thought on “The Early Years Count

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