So you think you know how to read a book to your child…? [3 years to school]

plenty of words that stand out in Pamela Allen books

plenty of words that stand out in Pamela Allen books

Did you know there is a direct relationship between the hours a child has been read to and their success in literacy?  It is also linked to their likelihood of attending university, better parent-child interaction and promotes far higher vocabulary, attention span and imagination skills.

Children learn through imitation, so the more you show them that reading is fun, the more likely they will be to enjoy reading too.  Below are some tips to get more out of reading with your child (remember reading to your child ideally starts from birth and occurs daily!!) and to take literacy learning a step further:

  • Point out parts of the book, the author’s name, what pictures you saw in the book that are featured on the back of the book, page numbers, index, and even the letter on the front relating to the author and where it is kept in the library
  • Talk about other books you’ve read that are written by that author
  • Run your finger under the words as you read
  • Point out words that ‘move’ across the page (eg. splash, oops) or those that stand out in some way
  • Point out a word that is repeated in a book (and then try to point out again soon after in a different book)
  • Find a letter such as the first letter in your child’s name
  • After the book, ask your child what they liked about it
  • Think about taking it for show and tell to daycare/kindy which also promotes your child helping to retell and talk about the book
look at those words!

look at those words!

Most importantly! Respond enthusiastically to all attempts to join in.  Don’t get caught up in just reading the book!

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