How to encourage your children to play

ImageSometimes buying ‘props’ are more important than buying ‘toys’. Miss nearly 4 has been really enjoying reading ‘The Tales of Peter Rabbit’, so today we acted out the story. This gave her the opportunity to ‘retell the story in her words, direct the characters and set the scene’. We talked about where ‘Peter and his family’ would like to live and Miss nearly 4 came up with the idea of the garden. I grabbed some pot plants and before long we had a lovely home for the bunnies. What fun!!!


These rabbits I bought on an Easter Sale for $1.50 each, they are super cute! The chickens are at any $2 shop. Opp shops, hardware shops, garage sales are all great ways of finding different props.


What can we do to take this play to the next level of learning:

Have the story close by for referencing.

Allow time for the play to develop. I will put this undercover and see what happens with ‘Peter’ tomorrow.

Encourage your child to tell a story about their play and write it down. This is further extending their understanding of stories and there purposes.

At night time, change the scene and present a note from ‘Peter’…




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