My little Master Chefs!!


This is such an easy ‘cooking experience’ to do with your kids. If you love your slow cooker, like I love mine, then get the kids to do it!!!

Chicken noodle soup/stew (this is not an exact recipe but it always turns out great)

1kg of chicken thighs (sprinkle some mixed dried herbs over them)

500g of pumpkin (diced)

Garlic (What does it smell like? Do you like the smell?)

Celery, capsicum, parsnip (they can cut these with blunt knives, How do we hold our knives safely?)

Onion (I cut these up, we don’t need any extra tears in our day)

1tsp of curry (a mild one if this is a new taste, What does this smell like?)

Enough liquid chicken stock to cover (They can pour).

Tomato Soup, a 400g tin (You can help them open and pour)

Coconut cream (Where does coconut cream come from)

Parsley (Out of your garden??)

Rice noodles (as much as you like, my children tend to eat anything that has noodles in it)

Put it all in the slow cooker and let it go for 6 hours or until you want it. Mash up the pumpkin and serve.

We do this in the morning and our dinner is ready. A small table in the kitchen is really helpful for you to be able to do everything at their level.

I love to cook and so do my children. Involving your children in all the stages of cooking has so many benefits. Children develop their ‘food relationship’ from their parents. Do you struggle to get your children to eat vegetables or a variety of foods? Do you stop offering because they don’t eat it? Do you just send food they will eat to Daycare? I have some strategies that may help!!!

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