Go for walks after dinner

Go for walks after dinner


Go for a walk after dinner! I know it is hard but the benefits are astounding. It is a lovely way to settle everyone down and it gives everyone the chance to connect to the environment and what is happening around us.
This particular walk we went on we went just around the block. It had been raining very heavily for the past few days and it was amazing to see the difference in the land.
This is how the walk became a learning experience:
“Have a look at those mushrooms” “Do you think those are like the mushrooms we eat at home?” “What’s different about them”. “Would they be safe mushrooms”? “Why”.
Some helping hints when going on walks.
-Dress for the weather, explain the reason why you might need warmer clothes, gumboots, hats, suncream.
-Go at the child’s pace. If they are stopping to look at the ground, look with them. However if they are running explain this is a relaxing time and ask them what they can see, hear, smell, feel.
-talk about the way to walk safely, talk about road safety

JUST TALK and you have already had a successful journey.

The teacher stuff: you have introduced your child to: the important skill of observation, noting differences, descriptive language, assessing changing seasons and climates, sustainability and environmental awareness, safety. In this particular walk I was able to raise awareness of poisonous plants.

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